Vibration control

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Vibration control is needed on slender structures that are vulnerable for natural influences such as waves, cross-wind loads and earthquakes. Since engineers want to make structures as light and cost saving as possible, they tend to be more vulnerable to these natural influences. Flow Engineering is specialised in vibration control, using Tuned Mass Dampers.

Tuned Mass Dampers for vibration control

When slender structures are exposed to cross-wind loads (also known as the phenomenon vortex shedding) waves or earthquakes, they can start to oscillate, which can cause serious damage to the structure. By adding Tuned Mass Dampers, the oscillation will reduce. When the structure starts to oscillate, the mass of the Tuned Mass Damper will oscillate in the opposite direction, using its hydraulic component. It will turn the kinetic energy into thermal energy.

Designing a Tuned Mass Damper

When vibration control is needed, a Tuned Mass Damper has to be designed. They are custom made, since every structure is different and needs a different type of vibration control. The specific design of the Tuned Mass Damper depends on the oscillation frequency, the direction of the movements, the available space and the mass of the structure. For more information about vibration control or our Tuned Mass Dampers, please do not hesitate to contact us by calling +31 (0)180 – 63 11 60.

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