Consultancy Vibration Engineering

At Flow Engineering, we offer consultancy services in vibration engineering. Our services bridge the gap between modal analysis findings and practical applications, serving clients in the civil and industrial sectors. Our consultancy services address the following key aspects:

Applying Modal Analysis in Calculations

We offer expertise in interpreting modal analysis results to provide clients with actionable insights into the potential impact of vibrations on structural integrity and comfort. Moreover, we provide consultation on how these results can be utilized for further in-depth analysis, guiding clients in making informed decisions and implementing effective mitigation strategies applicable to their specific circumstances.

Risk Assessment

Vibrations pose risks to both structural integrity and occupant comfort. Using our understanding of both aspects, we guide clients in properly assessing and mitigating vibration-related issues. Whether it’s ensuring structural integrity or enhancing occupant comfort, we offer solutions to address all dimensions of vibration risk.

Mitigation Strategies

Our consultancy specializes in applying knowledge of vibration causes, mitigation techniques, and practical device-based solutions. We implement mitigation plans incorporating a diverse array of techniques, including but not limited to damping systems, isolation mounts, and structural modifications. These plans are customized to suit the specific requirements and challenges of each client, ensuring effective and targeted solutions for vibration control. We go beyond theoretical understanding, providing actionable strategies, ensuring optimal performance and safety for your projects.

Monitoring and Control

We oversee the implementation of monitoring systems to continuously assess vibration levels and adjust mitigation strategies as needed, ensuring ongoing effectiveness and performance.

Regulatory Compliance

We offer guidance on adhering to relevant regulations and standards regarding vibration in both civil and industrial settings, ensuring clients remain compliant and mitigate risks.

Initial consultation

Feel free to reach out to us to see if we can schedule an intake meeting, offered at no cost. During these meetings, we assess your specific needs and discuss how our consultancy services can best support your project requirements.

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Analyzing and solving vibration problems in existing structures

If an existing structure is subject to unexpected vibrations caused by wind, waves or other dynamic loads, we examine the conditions, measure the vibrations, and offer a damping solution to reduce the stresses and movements to an acceptable level.

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