Manufacture, installation, and maintenance of damper systems

Flow Engineering can provide all necessary services for the production, installation, and use of a damping system. In order to avoid transportation cost, we can provide project oversight for on-site construction or at a preferred local fabricator. Additionally Flow Engineering can work with preferred suppliers of heavy lifting services. If necessary Flow Engineering can perform the regular maintenance for the damping solutions we have provided. Third party damping solutions can be inspected, evaluated, serviced, or refurbished.

Preventing dynamic problems at the design phase

We provide expertise with respect to the effects of vortex shedding, in-wind loads, and earthquake induced vibrations to construction firms, engineering firms and other designers. In order to calculate if additional damping is necessary to prevent vibrations, we require the design data, the drawings of a structure, and the environmental factors or the intended location. Calculations are made according to ASMI, EURO, or CICIND code. The customer is provided with a detailed report which specifies the loading scenarios and the resulting stresses and displacements. If necessary, suggestions to prevent failure of the structure are made. When applicable, an estimate is provided for a damping solution.

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Analyzing and solving vibration problems in existing structures

If an existing structure is subject to unexpected vibrations caused by wind, waves or other dynamic loads, we examine the conditions, measure the vibrations, and offer a damping solution to reduce the stresses and movements to an acceptable level.

Preliminary design of chimneys, stacks, flares.

Our vast experience and familiarity with design codes such as ASMI, EURO, and CICIND enable us to rapidly provide our customers with a preliminary design of a steel chimney, stack, flare or other slender structure. The required data include; environmental factors or intended location, height, diameter at the base and the top, access ladders, platforms. The result will be a plan of plate thickness and minimum diameter, minimum dimensions of the base plate and anchor bolts. If applicable a version with a Tuned Mass Damper is presented as well.

3D Drawing of damping solution

Because most structures are unique in shape and size, Flow Engineering makes the design of the damper system in a virtual three dimensional environment, to avoid surprises during installation. The shape and dimensions of the damper system depends on the structure and the wishes of the client. Special attention is paid to the design, so that the system is easy to install and service.

Research and Development

Our ongoing R&D is focused on achieving higher reliability, and longer inspection and maintenance intervals in tuned mass dampers. One of our recent developments is theĀ magnovisco linear damper. Bringing the opportunity of maintenance free internal damping to linear tuned mass dampers.