Flagpole Egypt

The largest flagpole in the world of 201.952 meter high was finalized 26 December 2021. This giant flagpole was build by Gharabli Integrated Engineering Company (GIECO). This magnificent flagpole has an aesthetically pleasing and slender look. The flagpole is sensitive to vibrations caused by wind turbulence in the wake of the pole. This turbulence is often referred to as vortex shedding. The turbulence is generated by the pole and makes the flag wave when it is being blown by the wind. However, without any countermeasures vortex shedding would cause vibrations to the structure which can reach several meter’s amplitude and can damage the pole or lead to undesired frighting of bystanders.

Flow Engineering played a critical role in this project to prevent large vibrations due to vortex shedding. A special temporary Tuned Mass Damper was designed and build by Flow Engineering which was placed inside the pole during construction. This temporary Tuned Mass Damper allowed GIECO to safely build the pole without risking any large or dangerous vibrations during construction until the last section was installed. The last section holds the final permanent Tuned Mass Damper made by Flow Engineering and remains operational to this day to prevent vortex shedding vibrations.

Besides manufacturing the TMD systems, Flow Engineering played a major role assisting GIECO with manufacturing details for various internal components thanks to their long recorded experience in large structures and giant flagpoles. Flow Engineering has experience in many other giant flagpole projects ranging in tasks from TMD supplier to supplying the whole flagpole design.

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