Flagpole – Wisconsin

The highest flagpole of the USA is located in Sheboygan – Wisconsin. The pole is 400ft. (120m) high, weighs ±180.000 kg has a bottom diameter of 3.2m and a top diameter of 2m. The pole has a total of 3 TMD’s to prevent swaying of the pole. 2 TMDs are located in the top section weighing 2600 and 2200kg. The 3rd TMD is located at a height of 91m and has a moving mass of 3200kg.

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Jacky Wellhead

In order to minimize the movement caused by waves and increase the lifetime of the platform, additional damping was required. The necessary amount of damping was calculated by the general engineering company for this project. Based on this information the Tuned Mass Damper was designed and engineered by Flow Engineering.

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Windseeker is a 92 meter high thrill-ride located at several amusement parks in the United States of America and Canada. It will rotate its riders around the center tower and take them to a height of 80 meters.