Flow Engineering

Dynamical problems prevented.


Our activities

From initial design to complete installation Flow Engineering offers custom-made solutions to dampen vibrations of slender structures induced by wind, waves or earthquakes. Additionally Flow Engineering can perform a preliminary design of chimneys, stacks, flares and similar industrial metal structures offering a fast and reliable estimate of project feasibility and material requirements.

Vibration Problems

The use of advanced construction techniques have led to increasingly slender, flexible, and lightly damped structures. Such structures can be sensitive to alternating loads induced by waves or wind (in particular vortex shedding). Alternating loads create alternating stresses and unacceptable movements, which cause fatigue damage and can frighten bystanders.

Tuned Mass Dampers

The swaying of structures caused by wind forces, earthquakes, or water waves, can result in large deflections during resonance, or fatigue damage. The damping solutions, designed by Flow Engineering reduce vibrations of structures and increase the structures lifetime.