Structural Vibration Solutions: Tackling Challenges with Flow Engineering

At Flow Engineering, we’re your go-to partner for tackling vibration problems in slender structures. As engineers, we understand the constant drive to design lighter, more efficient structures. However, with the increasing influence of natural forces like wind and waves, and traffic loading, addressing vibration challenges becomes paramount.

Discover Our Expert Consultancy: Our team specializes in offering top-notch consultancy services tailored to your structural dynamics needs. We guide engineers through the intricacies of vibration-related issues, ensuring your project’s success.

Unlock the Power of Tuned Mass Dampers: When it comes to effective solutions, Tuned Mass Dampers (TMD) take centre stage. These cutting-edge devices are your answer to preventing and mitigating vibrations in structures. By strategically implementing TMDs, our engineers ensure your designs strike the perfect balance between efficiency and resilience.

Why Choose Flow Engineering? We’re not just engineers; we’re your partners in creating structurally sound, lightweight designs that are reliable, and strong.

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  • Preventing dynamic problems at the design phase
  • Analyzing and solving vibration problems in existing structures

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The solution to vibration problems in structures

The vibration of slender structures can be caused by cross-wind loads (also known as vortex shedding). Slender structures can start oscillating because of these natural forces; it happens when the damping is small and the natural resonance frequency is close to the vortex shedding frequency. When adding additional damping, such as Tuned Mass Dampers, to the structure, vibration problems in these structures can be eliminated. This can be done in existing structures, but also during the design phase.

Our experience and expertise

We have over 20 years of experience in the calculation, design and installation of Tuned Mass Damper solutions. Our solutions – such as a Liquid Mass Damper or a Tuned Liquid Damper – can be applied in any slender structure, like bridges, industrial chimneys, flagpoles and distillation columns. They can’t just eliminate vibration problems in structures, but also prevent fatigue damage. If you want to know more about our solutions, please contact us by calling +31 (0)180 – 63 11 60.

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