Tuned Mass Damper bridge


Preliminary design of chimneys, stacks, flares


Preventing dynamic problems at the design phase


Analyzing and solving vibration problems in existing structures


Manufacture, installation, and maintenance of damper systems

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Adding a Tuned Mass Damper to a bridge can be a solution to vibration problems. These vibration problems can be caused by various influences like wind vibrations (vortex shedding), wave vibrations and even earthquakes. These natural forces can cause unwanted movements and damage from fatigue. As a solution to this problem, Flow Engineering develops Tuned Mass Dampers.

A Tuned Mass Damper to stabilize a bridge

A bridge has to deal with natural forces a lot. Wind and waves can cause damage and unwanted movements. Adding a Tuned Mass Damper to a bridge, helps preventing these movements and damages. When the bridge starts to oscillate, the mass of the Tuned Mass Damper will oscillate in the opposite direction. A Tuned Mass Damper is always custom made because the design is depending on the oscillation frequency, the direction of the movements, the available space and the mass of the structure. We have over 20 years of experience in the calculation, design and installation of Tuned Mass Dampers which can be applied to bridges, flagpoles, distillation columns, industrial chimneys and other slender structures. For more information about a Tuned Mass Damper for a bridge, please do not hesitate to contact us by calling +31 (0)180 – 63 11 60.

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