Vortex shedding stacks

Vortex shedding can cause real damage to light structured stacks. Since nowadays engineers want to design structures as light as possible, they become more vulnerable to natural influences such as waves, earthquakes and cross-wind loads, more commonly known as vortex shedding, which can cause great damage to stacks, industrial chimneys and other slender structures.

  • Design of chimneys, stacks, flares
  • Preventing dynamic problems at the design phase
  • Analyzing and solving vibration problems in existing structures

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Industrial chimney design by Flow Engineering

There is a solution for vortex shedding on stacks. Flow Engineering has over 20 years of experience in the calculation, design and installation of Tuned Mass Dampers. Tuned Mass Dampers are designed to add damping to slender structures that are vulnerable to natural influences. They contain a mass that can oscillate horizontally or vertically. When the structure starts to oscillate, the Tuned Mass Damper will oscillate in the opposite direction. It has a frictional or hydraulic component that turns the kinetic energy into thermal energy. To design a Tuned Mass Damper, some data is needed:


  • – The frequency of the oscillation
  • – The mass of the structure
  • – Whether the movements are horizontal or vertical
  • – Available space

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