Stack calculation

Flow Engineering is specialized in providing design calculation for steel chimneys. We provide design calculations for stacks, flares and industrial chimneys. As we also specialize in vibration engineering, we can also supply damper systems in case this is required due to vortex shedding loads. We make our calculations according to ASME, CICIND or EURO code.

Chimney design calculation contents

Our design calculations account for all external forces acting on the chimney, including wind loads, dead weight loads, and seismic loads where applicable. Wind loads are analysed considering pressure in the windward direction, fluctuating pressures due to vortex shedding, and pressure differences around the circumference. This analysis allows us to determine the stress and bending in critical components such as the shell, flanges, baseplate, and bolts.

To ensure stability, we assess the cross-wind response induced by vortex shedding, as well as factors like shear force, vertical load, and overturning moment at the base of the stack. Additionally, our evaluation incorporates the Palmgren-Miner linear damage hypothesis to estimate the lifetime of the chimney, considering load cycles and stresses induced by harmonic loading from vortex shedding.

In cases where the calculated lifetime falls short of design expectations or cross-wind responses exceed acceptable levels, we can provide tailored solutions, including the integration of damper systems, which we can supply. By employing tuned mass dampers (TMDs), we effectively mitigate excessive vibrations and extend the lifetime of the chimney to meet design specifications.

  • Preventing dynamic problems at the design phase
  • Analyzing and solving vibration problems in existing structures

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Preliminary designs by Flow Engineering

We can provide the preliminary designs of chimneys, stacks and flares, and stack design calculation. Since we’re well-experienced with our design codes, we can rapidly provide our customers with a preliminary design. For this, we need various data such as the environmental factors or intended location, diameter at the base and the top, platforms, access ladders and height. Then we can deliver a plan of plate thickness, minimum dimensions, the minimum diameter and the anchor bolts of the baseplate. After this, we can estimate if adding a Tuned Mass Damper is necessary and if so, we will present you a quote for the delivery of a Tuned Mass Damper.

More information about stack design calculation

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