Custom Tuned Mass Damper design

Explore limitless possibilities with Flow Engineering’s custom-made damper systems. Our expertise in custom Tuned Mass Damper design lies not only in delivering cutting-edge solutions, but also in designing bespoke damper systems that align with the unique aspirations of our clients.

Whether you’re venturing into new frontiers of engineering or seeking a personalized touch for your project, our team excels in the art of customization. With a client-centric approach, we craft damper systems that not only meet but exceed your expectations.

Choose Flow Engineering for a partnership that goes beyond the conventional. Let us bring your engineering vision to life with our innovative and tailored damper solutions.

A tuned mass damper system in horzintal operation mode, which can be embeded in floor surfaces of towers and bridges.
  • Preventing dynamic problems at the design phase
  • Analyzing and solving vibration problems in existing structures

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Specialised Tuned Mass Damper design

Thanks to their unique design, our Tuned Mass Damper solutions have proven themselves in practice. They do not only offer reduction of the vibration of the structure, but also prevent fatigue damage. When slender structures start to resonate due to external forces, one of the most effective ways to combat this is to add damping to the vibration mode. This can be done with Tuned Mass Dampers. They will vibrate with the resonance frequency, at which damping components are used to turn the kinetic energy into thermal energy, effectively adding damping to the structure. What you gain is more than just a damper; it’s a guarantee of prolonged structural integrity and reliability, ensuring your projects stand the test of time.

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The design of a Tuned Mass Damper is custom made because it depends on the oscillation frequency and mass of the structure, the available space and whether the movements are horizontal or vertical. We also are your partner to prevent bridges from swaying. Call +31 (0)180 – 63 11 60 to contact us.

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