Tuned Mass Damper calculation

Flow Engineering can execute a Tuned Mass Damper calculation. We are specialized in the calculation, design and installation of Tuned Mass Dampers and have over 20 years of experience. Our Tuned Mass Damper solutions can be applied to slender structures such as flagpoles, bridges, chimneys and distillation columns and can prevent or reduce vibration problems and fatigue damage.



Other TMD Requirements

The TMD mass estimator above assumes that the load acting upon the structure remains constant. However, the load amplitude is often dependent on the damping of the structure(for example when dealing with wind loads). For example, when dealing with vortex shedding, the amplitude can decrease significantly when adding just 1% of damping. This can be explained that vortex shedding induces a non-linear negative aerodynamic damping. When the damping of the structure is higher than the aerodynamic damping, then the amplitude will be significantly reduced. This effect is not taken into account for the calculator above.

Other than calculating the TMD system, Flow Engineering is also an expert for all kind of vibration loads acting upon the structure. This allows us to accurately predict the behavior of the TMD system and also to guarantee performances equal or above expectations.

Other design implications might play a role in designing a TMD system, such as the practical implementation like dealing with friction in the mechanical systems. Also when installing more than one TMD, or dealing with multiple modes of vibrations, extra care should be taken to provide a valid and safe design.

The complete process of designing a TMD, with the exception of the basic theory (see Den Hartog, Mechanical Vibrations), is too complicated to be written down into a simple tutorial. Therefore this process is often outsourced to a TMD manufacturer like Flow Engineering. We have dedicated software to design a guaranteed TMD system for all types of structures. Feel free to contact us to learn more what we can do for your project.

  • Preventing dynamic problems at the design phase
  • Analyzing and solving vibration problems in existing structures

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Tuned Mass Damper calculation by Flow Engineering

Flow Engineering is not only a supplier specialised in the design, calculation and installation of Tuned Mass Dampers. We are also specialised in the preliminary design of chimneys, stacks, flares and other slender structures. When designing a slender structure, we can do a calculation to see if adding a Tuned Mass Damper is needed.

What does a Tuned Mass Damper do?

A Tuned Mass Damper is added to slender structures to prevent or reduce vibration problems that are caused by natural influences such as wind (vortex shedding), waves or earthquakes. When the structure starts to oscillate, the mass of the Tuned Mass Damper will oscillate in the opposite direction. It is a hydraulic component that turns the kinetic energy into thermal energy. For more information about the designing and calculation of a Tuned Mass Damper or our other activities, please do not hesitate to contact us by calling +31 (0)180 – 63 11 60.

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