WIndseeker is the second-tallest ride at Carrowinds. The three-minute ride begins when the ride’s carriage. Featuring 32 passenger Swings, Slowly rotate while climbing to the top of the 92 m tower. Riders will experience a sense of weightlessness as the Swings reach speeds up to 13.5 m/s and the arms extend outward at a 45-degree Angle; promising to give riders an astonishing panoramic view of not only the park but also the region.


Tuned mass damper design

On the top of the Windseeker, what seems to be some form of UFO shaped ordinance, a Tuned Mass Damper system made by Flow Engineering is hidden. This Tuned Mass Damper limits structural vibrations that are caused by a specific type of wind turbulence called vortexes occurring at the down-wind surface of the pole. The TMD adds damping, which has been proved a very effective method of counteracting the effects of these vortexes. The movement due to vortexes of the wind is also referred to as vortex shedding.

The Tuned Mass Damper has a mass of 3 Ton, is equipped with a pendulum TMD system and uses 6 dashpot dampers. Our photo of the TMD mass shows 6 vertical rods where a surface plate has been mounted after installation. This allows ease of access where personal can stand on the mass.


Flow Engineering