Jacky Wellhead

The Jacky Wellhead platform is unmanned and controlled remotely from the nearby Beatrice Alpha platform. Both are located on the Jacky oil field in the Outer Moray Firth in the UK central North Sea.

The platform was commissioned by Ithica Energy and constructed and installed by HSM Offshore, the engineering was carried out by Iv-Oil & Gas.

It was determined by Iv-Oil & Gas that a Tuned Mass Damper could be used to cost effectively reduce the maximum calculated deflections due to stochastic and harmonic loading. The resulting stress reduction leads to an increase in the calculated fatigue lifetime.
The necessary amount of damping and details of the complete platform were used by Flow Engineering to design and engineer the Tuned Mass Damper. The fabrication was done in close cooperation with the manufacturer of the platform, conforming to the rigorous standards of the offshore industry.

Project Details

  • Structure: Offshore Platform
  • Foundation: Suction Bucket Tripod
  • Location: UK central North Sea
  • Total Height: 66m
  • Dimensions Topside (lxwxh): 20m x 12m x 12m
  • Topside Mass: 485t
  • Jacket Mass: 1007t
  • Water Depth: 37.6m
  • TMD
    • Mass: 27t
    • Location: top deck (28m above sea level)
Flow Engineering