Magnovisco Linear Damper

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Inspired by the eddy current brakes used in roller coasters, we have developed a test model of a magnovisco linear damper.

Test Model

The test model consists of a strip of aluminium, which can move inside a housing. Two permanent magnets are inserted in the housing, such that the surface of the magnets is just millimeters apart from the magnetic strip. The housing was milled from a solid aluminium block.

The test model was tested with our sinusoidal damper tester. Even with the distortions caused by friction between the housing and the aluminium strip, it is visible that a damper force with a constant damping coefficient is achieved. The magnovisco linear damper can therefore be modelled in the same way as a viscous damper.


By using a magnovisco linear damper instead of a viscous damper the maintenance interval of our tuned mass dampers can be increased significantly. Instead of being based on the life time of a viscous damper, the maintenance interval can be increased to the maintenance interval of linear bearings, typically in the order of 20 years.

All linear tuned mass dampers can be fitted with magnovisco linear dampers by design. Especially suited are tuned mass dampers that need to fit in smaller or confined spaces, or tuned mass dampers where regular access is prohibited.

Further Research

In our ongoing effort to develop maintenance free tuned mass dampers for all applications, we will be investigating the possibilities to use linear guides and bearings with extended lifetimes.